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New Bakuneon Season 2 Bakuneon List with Pictures

Brace yourself Bakugan fans for Bakuneon.  It is upon us Bakugan Season 2 is in the works and the Season 2 Bakugan are starting to show up on the web and the best part is now they are also available to buy both on line.  The new Season 2 Bakugan is called Bakuneon New Vestroia. The list of Bakuneon below is not that organized yet.  Things in the Bakugan list are changing so fast that it is hard to keep the list up.  That's right most of us haven't finished collecting all of the first season and here they are going ahead and releasing Bakugan Season 2 New Vestroia.  Have they no mercy?  The sad part is we love it.   Like so many collectible toys the hunt of finding the new Bakugan is half they fun.  We want to be the first ones on the block or in your school to own a Season 2 Bakugan.  Please let me know if anyone has any of Season 2 Bakugan. We now have a pretty good selection of Bakuneon pictures however if you have your own please send them.  What I am noticing about the Bakuneon or Bakugan Season 2 figures is the amazing complexity and detail of each of the transforming figures.  They really seems to be improving. Shop for Bakuneon now!

So far over 63 new Bakuneon have been added to make this the ultimate Bakuneon Bakugan list.  I have added some descriptions of some of the new Bakuneon.  A lot of the new ones are not even available for sale yet.  As soon as they become available I will update the links on the Bakuneon list page.  Also remember is you are looking for the best Bakugan list around please check out all of the Bakugan from Season 1.

Bakuneon Trap Collection:  I have just updated my Bakuneon Trap page.  Now you can see all of the Bakuneon in one spot with links to their auctions.  Just added Falcon Fly and Dice Thrower to this page. 

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3

Bakuneon Auctions 


Season 2 Bakuneon List with Pictures

Abis Omega

Abis Omega

Abis Omega Bakuneon

Abis Omega:  Here's the scoop then Bakuneon Abis Omega which is a slithering serpent Bakugan. Get this Abis Omega three fins that allow this Bakugan to swim. Abis Omega is capable of swimming in fresh and salt water which is good and Abis Omega Bakuneon has a flexible body that can strike it opponent quickly. Abis Omega Bakuneon can coil around and squeeze tightly to defeat its foe. It has a two-tone colored body with diamonds along the side allowing it to blend into its surrounding make it unnoticeable. Abis Omega perished long ago and was resurrected by the Vexos Mylene as an energy body.

Altair Bakuneon


Bakugan Altair Pyrus
Picture Compliments of Cammy

Altair:  The new Altai Bakugan is used mostly by Lync to battle the evil Resistance. Altair Bakugan is the first Mechanical Bakugan, (what does this mean?). The lenses in Atlai's red Bakugan eyes glimmer brightly to see through the darkness of night. Altair has fangs and horns that are as sharp as best battle swords. Altair's wide spread wings have spinners to hover and white steam shoots from Altair's mouth. Altair possesses a fierce battle cry that deafens its opponents. The huge mechanical monster was created by Professor Clay.

Atmos Bakuneon Atmos Bakuneon

Atmos:  Atmos Bakugan is a falcon-like bird Bakugan. Atmos has one of the largest sets of Bakugan wings of any Bakugan around. Attached to Atmos' wings are six deadly fighting blades that make for easy attacks. Atmos Bakuneon battles its opponents with its sharp beak and horn that stick out from its head. While brawling Atmos it uses its sharp clawed feet to eliminate its foes.

Baliton Baliton
Brachium Trap
Brontes Bakuneon Brontes

Brontes:   Brontes Bakugan brawls for the Vexos to eliminate the evil Resistance. Brontes Bakuneon is a Mechanical Bakugan who uses his Luny Magical ability to eliminate his rival's offenses. Brontes is able to fly by using the propeller sticking out of his massive Bakuneon head. Brontes gigantic legs allow Brontes to move quickly and avoid enemy attacks, and Brontes' long arms stretch out to wrap around opponents during battle.

Mega Brontes Mega Brontes

Mega Brontes: Mega Brontes is so new that we don't even have a real picture of him.  Mega Brontes is the evolved version of Brontes, an is twice his original size. Can you imagine how bige he will be in a Deka version!  With Mega Brontes' new metal-plated armor he can withstand multiple blows during battle, and his clawed hands grip a battler like a vice. He is now one of the quickest Bakugan, which makes him difficult to capture.  I can't wait to see a real one!



Dart Dragonoid Dart Dragonoid

Dart Dragonoid:  Check out this totally cool new Bakugan Trap call Dart Dragonoid.  It looks like this is the first Bakugan that will actually tear itself apart in the form of a dart.  Sweet!

Dark Hound Trap Dark Hound
Hyper Dragonoid

Hyper Dragonoid

Hyper Dragonoid
Neo Dragonoid Neo Dragonoid
Three Headed Dragonoid Three Headed Dragonoid
Dynamo Trap

Dynamo Trap


dynamo trap bakugan
Elfin Bakuneon Elfin
Dice Thrower Bakugan Dice Thrower
Dual Elfin Dual Elfin Bakugan
Dynamo Trap Dynamo Trap Bakugan
Elico Bakuneon Elico Bakuneon
Mystic Elico Dice Thrower

Shop for Dice Thrower Now!
Mystic Elico Dice Thrower

Elico:  Elico Bakugan is controlled by Mylene of Vexos.  Elico has pure strength and brute force, with defensive spikes sticking out of Elico's shoulders and knees and six tentacles that attach to Elico's back and can wrap around his battler's arms and legs to render the battler defenseless. Elico can breathe under water. He has a large, golden diamond that shoots a water blast to defeat his opponents. I think Elico is one the cooler looking new Bakuneon that have come out for Season 2. On Elico's forearms are six blades used for attacking enemies and protecting his arms.

Falcon Fly Trap Falcon Fly Trap
 Fencer Fencer or Tetradechedron
Flash Falcon Fly Trap Flash Falcon Fly Trap
Fire Scorpion Trap Fire Scorpion Trap Bakugan
Freezer Bakugan Freezer Bakuneon

Freezer:  Freezer Bakguan is a green four eyed Bakuneon with a glass encased brain, sweet! It slithers along the ground by use of its six tentacles. If broken off, the tentacles grow instantly back. Two cannons point out from each side of its head to fire deadly blasts at it opponents. Freezer’s head spins all the way around to see an attacker coming from every direction.

Grafias Trap Grafias Trap Bakugan
Grakas Hound Trap
Hades Hades Bakuneon

Hades:  Hades is a Mechanical Dragon Bakugan that lives to serve the Vexos. Hade is Shadow's primary brawler when battling the Resistance. Hades Bakugan has three fire breathing heads, wow, and six wings making him one of the fastest flying Bakugans around. Hades' three tails each have a spiky tip, so Hades can attack his opponent from many different vectors. Hades metal exoskeleton which functions like armour can sustain multiple blows from any brawler, but on top of that Hades has three large metal thorns that further protect his heart from enemy attacks/

Hexadox Trap Hexados Trap
Hexstar Trap Hexstar
HM Alpha Hydranoid HM Alpha Hydranoid

HM Alpha Hydranoid:  So what is up with the name of this Bakugan?  HM Alpha Hydranoid is a dragon Bakugan with a dark skin tone that makes Alpha difficult to see at night. Alpha Hydranoid's metal armor can sustain multiple blows from enemy attackers, and his fire blasts can melt all elements.  That seems useful to me!

Hylash Trap Hylash Trap
Cosmic Ingram


Cosmic Ingram Bakuneon Hawklea

Bakuneon Ingram:  Ingram's main attribute is Ventus. Ingram has evolved from Cosmic Ingram. Fortunately, Ingram developed a massive set of  multiple wings and has armored plates to protect Ingram's body. Ingram is a Bakuneon with red eyes and can now see a Bakugan from miles away. Ingram feathers are now metallic and can now withstand fire.

Boost Ingram Bakuneon Ingram
 Klawger Klawger - Season 2 Bakugan Bakuneon
Leefram Leefram Bakuneon Bakugan
Legionoid Trap Legionoid Trap
Mega Nemus Bakuneon
Metalfencer Trap Metalfencer Trap
Moskeeto Bakusteel Moskeeto
Motra Pyro Dragonoid Motra Pyro Dragonoid
Midnight Percival Midnight Percival


Ultra White Naga
Piercian Bakugan Trap Piercian Bakugan Trap
Percival Bakuneon Percival
Pythantus Trap  
Pythantus Trap
Scraper Scraper Bakuneon
Scorpion Trap Scorpion Bakuneon Trap Bakugan Season 2
Spindle Bakugan Spindle Bakugan
Spitarm Trap Spit Arm Trap Bakugan
Spyderfencer Trap Spyderfencer Trap Bakugan
Stug Bakugan Bakugan Stug

Stug Bakuneon:  This Bakuneon is finally available.  Originally it was so new only spy photos of it are available.  The Stug Bakuneon is a cute little hermit crab Bakugan. Stug has two immense attack pinchers that have battle spikes inside. Its six barbs surround Stug's hard shell to protect its body. Stug has four legs that give Stug great maneuverability to avoid enemy attacks. Perished long ago and was fortunately resurrected by the Vexos Mylene as an energy body.

Triacosaurus Nemus Triacosaurus
El Condor Trap

Triad El Condor:  This new Bakugan Trap appears to be a version of the Tripod Epsilon.

Triad Sphinx Trap Triad Sphinx Bakugan
Tripod Epsilon Trap


Tripod Epsilon Trap

Tripod Epsilon Trap

Tripod Theta Trap Tripod Theta Bakugan Trap
Vanduras Bakuneon Vanduras
Verias Bakugan Verias Bakugan
Viper Helios Viper Helios Bakugan
Fencer Shadow Vulcan Bakugan
Vulcan Vulcan
Wilda or Kilroy Bakuneon Kilroy
Wired Bakugan Wired Haos
Pictures compliments of Cammy!
Zoack    Zoack

Season 2 Bakuneon List

At this time I have 19 names of the Season 2 Bakuneon list.  The pictures keep coming in from all areas including the members of Bakuganwiz.  Of course we have already talked about Bakugan Trap and have a page dedicated to them.  Little did we know the would be coming out with 5 different versions of Trap.  However, some the new names of the Season 2 Bakuneon so far are Klawger, Leefram, Scraper, Motra, Faroh, and again Trap which we has since discovered is not even the name it is the type.    However I don't know their names yet.  If you know the names of these Season 2 Bakunon please let me know.  Of course I will add these Season 2 Bakugan to the Bakugan list.

Season 2 update:  This just in!  Major news flash! One of the members informed me of the names of 2 of the mystery Bakugan.  Brady informed me of the names of Faroh and Motra.  Thanks Brady.

Season 2 list:  I found some additional information on the Season 2 Bakuneon here are some of the names.  I don't have pictures of these Bakugan yet.  However as soon as I do I will post them. Here is the names of some additional Bakugan Season 2 characters.  
Dolia, Mermadon, Killroy, Spiritroid (New series features ghost Bakugan), Tarblando, Hawklea, Ant`a, Faroh, Volta, Kiosk Centipoid (Evolved Centipoid), Tarkan, Vammra, Beatla, Motra, Medusar, Squia, Triacosauras (Evoved Saurus), Waywer, Catom, Nanta, Mega Nemus.  You know I also found one site that says that Spin Bakugan are also part of Season 2.  I guess that would make sense.  Buy Bakuneon now!

More Season 2 Bakuneon!

This just in 4 more Season 2 Bakugan pictures and names compliments of Brady.  Check out the cool pictures of Hawklea, Kilroy, Volta, Waywer.  Season 2 figures are really getting exciting.  As soon as these become available we will convert this page in the Season 2 list with names, pictures, and links on where to buy.  If you have any other season 2 Bakugan pictures please send them in and I will post them.  Thanks for your help.  Additional help from Brady, two new Bakuneon pictures the Bakuneon Trap Triangle and the Tarken.  Both of which are shown below.  Thanks again Brady.  Please keep it coming!  Just added a few more Bakuneon pictures below.  Have you seen the new 3 headed Dragonoid?

News update 3-2-09:  I don't know maybe I was sleeping under a rock lately.  Did anyone know that there are 5 types of Bakugan Trap.  Yes that is correct 5 different Bakugan trap.  A blurry picture of them is show below.  As soon as I get new pictures of they Bakugan Trap I will put them online.  This is getting really exciting!  I added 9 new Bakuneon pictures and images below.  I am still not sure of the names of all of them.  So if you can figure it out from the pictures let me know!  I think my favorite Trap at this time is the Tripod Epsilon Trap.  I just added a link to the auctions on the new Bakuneon Ventus Casrlsnaout.  Have you seen the new  Bakuneon Pythantus Trap.


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