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Bakugan New Vestroia

What do Ace, Percival, Baron, Nemus, Dan, Neo Drago, Gus, Vulcan, Lync, Altair, Marucho, Elfin, Mira, Wilda, Mylene, Elico, Shadow, Hades, Shun, Ingram, Spectra, Viper Helios, Volt and Brontes all have in common?  That's right they are all part of the Season 2 Bakugan New Vestroia.  So now you can enjoy all of the cool pictures of the new Bakuneon and check out some of the new characters for Bakugan Season 2 New Vestroia.

Check out this awesome picture of Ace and Percival direct from the Bakugan New Vestroia Season 2.

Bakugan New Vestroia Ace and Percival



I really like this picture of Baron and Nemus that will be featured in the new season of Bakugan New Vestroia.

Bakugan New Vestroia Baron and Nemus


I really like this picture of Dan and Neo Draongoid.

Dan and Neo Dragonoid New Vestroia Bakugan Season 2

Another cool pic of Gus and Vulcan from Bakugan New Vestroia from the up coming Season 2.

Season 2 Gus and Vulcan Bakugan

Bakugan Heroes

I think this is a new character.  Lync and Altair!

Lync and Altair Bakugan Season 2

Check out Elfin with Marucho.

Marucho and Elfin

Mira and Wilda

Mylene and Elico

Shadow and Hades

Shun and Ingram

Spectra and Viperhelios

Volt and Brontes

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