Andy's Most Powerful Bakugan - High G Over 600g

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The Most Powerful Bakugan on the Planet!

Are you ready to take control of your Bakugan Battles with High G Bakugan? Are you looking for the most powerful Bakugan on the plant.  These Bakugan are so powerful that they not even legal to sell in some countries.:)  I think they are illegal in China, it is kinda of funny because they make the in China.  Anyway I digress.  If you are looking to take your Bakugan Battles to the next level you can't go wrong on this page.  Just be careful your friends will be upset when you play against them with these Bakugan! 

Custom Bakugan:  If you are looking for powerful Bakugan make sure you check out the Custom Bakugan page.  Custom Bakugan can have almost unlimited G power.

Most Popular Bakugan

A lot of people ask what is the most powerful Bakugan that you can buy.  Many times the most powerful Bakugan tend to be the most popular Bakugan as well.  So if you are looking for High G Bakugan or the Most Powerful Bakugan.  We have collected some of the most popular Bakugan around for you to checkout.  We have even developed a special section where you can buy Bakugan with specific g ratings such as Bakugan with 600g or 500g.  Make sure you visit our Bakugan Auctions section below.

Very Powerful, High G Bakugans!

Bakugan Preyas 2 610g

 Bakugan Bakupearl LOOSE Aquos Preyas II [Blue] 610g

 Bakugan B2 Bigger Brawlers LOOSE Single Figure Darkon (Black) B2 Wormquake 620 G

Bakugan Terrowclaw 650g

Bakugan Hydranoid 520g

 Bakugan Single LOOSE Figure Subterra TERRORCLAW Brown - 650G

 Bakugan Single LOOSE Special Attack Green & White HYDRANOID 520G

Bakugan Griffon 620g

Bakugan Manion 540g

 Bakugan Battle Brawlers B2 Bakupearl Darkon Black Griffon 620G Power LOOSE

 Bakugan Battle Brawlers Series 2 LOOSE Figure Translucent MANION - 540G

Very High G, Most Powerful Bakugan Auctions!

Most Powerful Bakugan

High G Bakugan

Bakugan Over 600g

Bakugan Over 500g

Bakugan Over 400g

List of Most Powerful High G Bakugan - Over 600g

Ventus Manion 630G
Subterra Ultimate Dragonoid 620G
Darkus Wormquake 620G
Subterra/Haos Ultimate Dragonoid 620G
Haos Lars Lion 620G
Ventus Harpus 610G
Darkus Frosch 610G
Subterra Hammer Gorem 610G
Pearl Pyrus Ultimate Dragonoid 610G
Aquos Diablo 610G
Pyrus Dragonoid 600G
Darkus Tuskor 600G
Aquos Tentaclear 600G
Ventus Ravenoid 600G
SubTerra Rattlenoid 600G
Aquos Lars Lion 600G
Haos Blade Tigerra 590G
Subterra Clayf 700G
Pyrus Fortress 680G
Pyrus Hammer Gorem 670G
Darkus Exedra 660G
Pyrus Ultimate Dragonoid 660G
Aquos Frosch 660G
Subterra Tigerra 650G
Ventus Ultimate Dragonoid 650G
Darkus Harpus 650G
Subterra Terrorclaw 650G
Ventus Storm Skyress 650G
Subterra Wormquake 650G
Subterra Stinglash 650G
Pyrus Warius 650G
Haos Ultimate Dragonoid 640G
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