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Bakugan Maxus Helios

Brace yourself Bakugan fans for the rumors are true!  There is a giant 7-in-1 Maxus Bakugan that are being released as part of the new Bakubronze Bakugan. At this time official have only confirm two Giant Bakugan.  The first is the Maxus Drago and the second is the evil Maxus Helios. These awesome Bakugan are comprised of 6 trap Bakugan and one Bakugan Ball (a Dragonoid or Helios from the Bakubronze series).

Unfortunately I have not seen any good images of the Maxus Dragonoid yet.

The Maxus Helios is comprised of 7 Bakugan:

  • Helios (of course) - Head

  • Klawger - Front Foot

  • Scrapper - Front Foot

  • Foxbat - Torso

  • Fencer - Back Foot

  • Leefram - Back Foot

  • Spindle - Tail

Here is a really cool picture of the Maxux Helios.  Shop for Maxus Helios

Bakugan Maxus Helios 7 in 1

Maxus Helios Combo Auctions



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