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Dual Attribute Bakugan! is please to bring you a full range of Dual Attribute Bakugan.  That right now you can have your very own dual color Bakugan.  Now with Dual Attribute Bakugan you have the power of two attributes in one Bakugan available at your fingertips for your next Bakugan Battle! These brand new Dual Attribute Bakugan allow the players to pick its attribute right in the heat of a major Bakugan Battle.  Shop now for Dual Attribute Bakugan!

Check out the awesome new Dual Attribute photo from Eliot.  Great job on this picture and super nice back ground.  Thanks Eliot!


Bakugan Dual Attribute Picture From Eliot
Dual Attribute Photo from Eliot

Pictures of Dual Bakugans

The Dual Attribute Bakugan gives you more power to win. All Bakugan fans know that the more powerful weapons you have in your Bakugan army, the more you come off victorious in Bakugan battle. These see through dual attribute Bakugan will become a real strategic weapon to use to fight your opponent. They allow the choose one of two attributes.  So you can now take your skill with Bakugan to another level.

Confirmed the difference between Bakuswap and Dual Attribute:  By the way I have now confirmed that Dual Attribute can be Bakuswap Bakugan however not all Bakuswap Bakugan are dual attribute.  I know that sounds confusing but that is what I have learned.

Wanted deal or alive!  By the way the pictures of dual attribute Bakugan seem to be pretty hard to find.  If you have some great pictures of Dual Attribute Bakugan please send them to me and I will post them on this page!  Thanks for the help in finding the best pictures of dual attribute Bakugans!  Click here to email me!  Below you will find another cool picture of a Dual Attribute Wavern unopened.  It gives you a good idea of how they might look in the Bakugan package when they are unopened.

Un-opened Dual Attribute Wavern

Dual Color, Dual Attribute Bakugans!

Dual Attribute Clayf
Wavern Dual Attribute Bakugan Dual Attribute Clayf
Dragonoid Dual Attribute Bakugan Exedra Dual Attribute Bakugan

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