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Custom Bakugan - Rare

Have you seen the custom Bakugan that are out there? Sometimes these custom Bakugan can be rare and hard to find.  They are really cool.  Check out all of the latest custom Bakugan that are available.  Are you looking for a custom Wavern with almost a 100 million in G power.  Or how about a Apollinar customized with 9650g these are really rare?  That's right now you can get a really cool high power Bakugan with unique colors and customized G power.  Well someone pointed out to me a Bakugan with 1 billion G and then another with 100 Trillion G.  Sounds like the price tag to bail out the banks and the economy and not the Gs you would expect to see in a Bakugan game.

Custom Bakugan Box

Check out how may custom Bakugan this guy has in this box.  Totally awesome dude!
Custom Bakugan Box

Custom Bakugan - Rare

A Rare 100 Trillion G Bakugan Rare Custom 1 Billion G Bakugan

Custom Bakugan

Custom Bakugan

Custom Bakugan Wavern 99,000,000g

Bakupearl Apollinar 9650g


Custom Bakugan Delta Dragonoid 9950g

Custom Bakugan Oberus 99,000,000g

One of the great parts about the custom Bakugan is that they are reasonably priced.  You can get a really unique Bakugan with high G for decent price.  Check out our auctions below for custom Bakugan.  I think you will be surprised at some of the great deals that you will find.

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