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Bakugan Gauntlet

Hey have you seen the new Bakugan Gauntlet toy?  I is part of a new series of Bakugan toys that are rolling out this Summer.  The Bakugan Gauntlet along with the 7:1 Maxus Dragonoid and Maxus Helios.

Check out the Gauntlet:  The Bakugan Gauntlet is a cool new Bakugan accessory from the new Bakugan cartoon series. The Bakugan Gauntlet works very similar to how Dan and Runo's gauntlet work in New Vestroia. The Gauntlet holds up to six of your Bakugan ability and Bakugan gate cards, has a battle calculator, lights and sounds, and the new Bakugan Gauntlet is just plain cool!


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