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Bakugan Snow Sled

Hey just in time for winter, which this year doesn't want to end, the new Bakugan Snow Riderz Sled.  There are currently two  versions of the Bakugan Sled available. The first version of the sled is of course a Dragonoid sled.  The second version is a green Skyress.  Both of the Bakugan sleds feature a molded graphic design.  These Bakugan sleds are designed for 1 Person and are recommended for kids 6 Years and older.  If you don't end up buying one of the Bakagan Snow Sleds online they appear to be available at Target.  It seems that Target is getting a significant number of Bakugan exclusive products. Good for them Bakugan has been an incredibly hot toy and only seems to be getting hotter.

Bakugan Snow Sled

Bakugan Snow Sled Dragonoid

Bakugan Snow Sled Skyress

Bakugan 36" Snow Riderz Sled - Dragonoid

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