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Bakugan Collector Deluxe Monsters

Bakugan Collector Deluxe Monsters Series 1

I was in Wal-Mart the other day and I came across the new Bakugan Collector Deluxe Monsters.  Checkout these brand new Bakugan Deluxe Monsters Series 1.  These are huge Bakugan Monsters and are designed for crushing your enemies .  Each of they Bakugan figures is up to 9 inches high!  These can be  hard to find at times so make sure you snap up your very own Bakugan Deluxe Monsters today!

The Bakugan Deluxe Monsters that are currently available are:

  • Draganoid
  • Tigrerra
  • Preyas
  • Goren

Bakugan Deluxe Monsters Auctions:  Make sure you check out our Bakugan Deluxe Monsters Auctions.

bakugan tigrerra deluxe monster

bakugan preyas deluxe monster

Tigrerra Bakugan Collector Monster Series 1 Deluxe Figure

Bakugan Collector Monster Series 1 Deluxe Figure Preyas

bakugan gorem deluxe monster bakugan dragonoid deluxe monster

Bakugan Collector Monster Series 1 Deluxe Figure Gorem

Bakugan Collector Monster Series 1 Deluxe Figure Dragonoid

Bakugan Deluxe Monster Auctions


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