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Bakugan Dice Thrower

I can't believe it.  Bakugan Dice Thrower is finally available!  Check out this incredible picture of Dice Thrower.  The official name is Special Attack MYSTIC ELICO Dice Thrower.  What happens with Dice Thrower is when the Bakugan transforms of the metal gate card it tosses or throws out the dice and then you know what you have for Gs.  Pretty cool.  I am not sure what the highest Gs are of dice thrower however 810Gs sounds pretty good doesn't? Dice Thrower is now available again.  Just in time for your holiday shopping.  Shop for Dice Thrower Now!

Bakugan Mystic Elico Dice Thrower


Have you seen the new Bakugan Dice Thrower?  OMG.  It is amazing.  Very few pictures of the Dice Thrower are available.  If you have any pictures of the Bakugan Dice Thrower please send them to me.   This picture of the Bakugan Dice Thrower was caught by Cammy our Chat moderator.  It is a rare spy photo of the Bakugan Dice Thrower directed from the research and development labs of Spinmaster!

Bakugan Dice Thrower
Picture compliments of Cammy!

Bakugan Dice Thrower 




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