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bakugan tin bakutinBakugan Tin Bakutin!

The Bakugan Tins are here.  The new Bakutin is great for new collectors.  It is a great way for you to store your Bakugan's

The Bakutins are the only storage tins that hold up to 50 Bakugan cards and 18 Bakugans.  Each Bakugan comes with 2 Exclusive Bakugans, 5 metal gate cards and 5 ability cards. Shop for Bakugan Tins!

There are 6 different versions of the Bakutin heres what you get in each Bakutin:

Bakugan Tins

 Bakutin Collector’s Tin - Blue  Bakutin Collector’s Tin - Green

Bakugan Tins

bakugan tin bakutin

Bakugan Collector Tin


Andy's new Bakugan Site specializes in bringing you all of the latest Bakugan gear and keepss you up to date on where you can buy Bakugan products.  As new Bakugan stuff comes out we will continue to add to this site.  Have you seen the new Bakugan Skins available for all of your favorite electronics?

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