Andy's Bakugan Battle Brawlers  List, Names and Pictures Checklist

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Bakugan Names List with Pictures - ChecklistBakugan Names List

Complete List of All Bakugan Battle Brawlers Names with Pictures

A lot of people have asked for a complete monster list or checklist of all the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Characters along with the Bakugan names and of course they wanted pictures of the Bakugans marbles as well.  Below is the best Bakugan toy name list or checklist.  I am always looking for additional Bakugan character names to add to the list.  However, for today this is the best list of Bakugans names that I have come up with.  One of the things everyone keeps asking for now is a complete list of Bakugan with pictures. So I have improved this list now so you have Bakugan names along with Bakugan pictures and links to where you can buy these cool Bakugan toys! This is supposed to be a complete alphabetical list of all the Bakugan toys.  If this checklist isn't in perfectalphabetical order just let me know.  I was never a very good speller.  I have just added the Bakugan Checklist poster

Bakuneon List takes shape

Just added new Bakuneon List and Bakuneon Cards pages to Bakuganwiz.  Check it out and let me know what you think!  I recently added over 7 new Bakuneon to the Bakuneon list.  Make sure you check out the list for all of the coolest Bakuneon around!  Below are just a few of the Bakuneon pictures.

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3

Bakugan Checklists

Ok do you have as much trouble as I do remembering which Bakugan you need?  We have just created a new Bakugan Checklist that is downloadable and ready for printing.  Print out your Bakugan Checklist today!

Printable Bakugan Checklist

Brand New Bakugan added to the Names List

Date Added Highlight Color Comments
2/07/09 Black New! Dual Head Preyas, Blade Tigrerra
1/23/09 Orange New! Added Spin Ravenoid, Dragonoid Collection, Fear Ripper Collection, Bakugan Trap Collection
1/16/09 Brown New! Added Trap, Dragonoid Spin
12/27/08 Blue New Added Sirenoid, Evolved Skyress, Hammer Gorem
12/21/08 Green New Added the Diablo and Ultimate Evolved Dragonoid this was a request on the forum.  Also added the Harpus Bakugan. First time I saw Harpus was this morning. 
12/14/08 Red New Just added some brand new Bakugan today including the new Apollinir, Clayf, Exedra, El Condor, Fortress, Frosch, Lars Lion, Tentaclear, Wavern and really cool Oberus!  Look for the new signs.

Bakugan Names List By Class with Picture

Name Bakugan Picture Shop for Bakugan
Apollonir New! Bakugan Apollinir Shop for Apollonir
Bee Striker Bakugan Bee Striker  Bakugan Beestriker
Blade Tigrerra New!  Blade Tigrerra
Centipoid   Bakugan Centipoid Buy Centipoid Bakugan
Clayf Bakugan Clayf  Clayf Bakugan
Cycloid Bakugan Cycloid Buy Cycloid Bakugan
Diablo New! or Preyas II Bakugan Diablo or Preyas II  Shop for Preyas II
Dragonoid Bakugan Dragonoid  

Buy Dragonoid Bakugan


Ultimate  New!
Bakugan Ultimate Evolved Dragonoid  Ultimate Dragonoid
Dragonoid Spin  Spin Dragonoid
Exedra Bakugan Exedra  Shop for Exedra
El  Condor New! Bakugan El Condor  Shop for El Condor
Falconeer or Falconoid Bakugan Falconeer Buy Faconeer Bakugan
Fortress  Shop for Fortress
Fear Ripper Bakugan Fear Ripper   Buy Fear Ripper Backugan
Frosch Bakugan Frosch  Shop for Frosch
Gargonoid Bakugan Gargonoid  Buy Gargonoid Bakugan
Gorem Bakugan Gorem  Buy Gorem Bakugan
Gorem - Hammer New!   Shop for Hammer Gorem
Griffon Bakugan Griffon  Buy Griffon Bakugan
Harpus New! Bakugan Harpus   Shop for Harpus
Hydranoid Bakugan Hydranoid  Buy Hydranoid Bakugan
Hynoid Bakugan Hynoid  Buy Hynoid Bakugan
Juggernoid Bakugan Juggernoid  Buy Juggernoid Bakugan

Lars Lion

Bakugan Lars Lion   Shop for Lars Lion


Shop for Laserman
Limulus Limulus Bakugan  Buy Limulus Bakugan
Manion Manion Bakugan  Buy Manion Bakugan
Mantris Bakugan Mantris  Buy Mantris Bakugan
Monarus New!   Shop for Monarus
Naga   Shop for Naga
Oberus   Shop for Oberus
Preyas Bakugan Preyas  Buy Preyas Bakugan
Dual Headed Preyas New! Dual Headed Preyas   Shop for Dual Headed Preyas
Ravenoid Bakugan Ravenoid  Buy Bakugan Ravenoid
Spin Ravenoid New!   Shop for Spin Ravenoid
Rattlenoid Bakugan Rattlenoid   Shop for Rattleoid
Reaper Bakugan Reaper  Buy Reaper Bakugan
Robotallian or Battletron Bakugan Robotallian or Battletron  Buy Robotallian Bakugan
Saurus Bakugan Saurus  Buy Saurus Bakugan
Corrected the picture based on feedback from Gabriel
 Buy Serpenoid Bakugan
Siege Bakugna Siege  Buy Siege Bakugan
Sirenoid  New! Bakugan Sirenoid   Shop for Sirenoid
Skyress Bakugan Skyress  Buy Skyress Bakugan
Skyress - Evolved New!   Shop for Skyress Evolved
Jumping Skyress   Shop for Jumping Skyress
Stinglash Bakugan Stinglash  Buy Stinglash Bakugan
Tentalcear   Shop for Tentaclear
Terrorclaw Bakugan Terrorclaw  Buy Terrorclaw Bakugan
Tigrerra Bakugan Tigrera  Buy Tigrerra
Trap New!
  Shop for Trap
Tuskor Bakugan Tuskor  Buy Tuskor Bakugan
Warius Darkon Warius Buy Bakugan Warrius
Wavern New! Bakugan Wavern   Shop for Wavern
Wormquake Bakugan Wormquake  Buy Bakugan Wormquake

This is my old complete list of the all different types of Bakugan Battle Brawlers an Bakugan Monsters, the list above it the new and improved version.

  • Apollinir: The Apollinir ultimate and legendary pyrus Bakugan. He's the ultimate Dragonoid. The leader of all of the six soldiers.
  • Beestriker: A bee-like Bakugan Battle Brawler which has a deadly stinger.
  • Clayf: The legendary subterra Bakugan. Somewhat like a statue. The most strength of all of the six soldiers.
  • Centipoid: A centipede-like Bakugan Battle Brawler with huge pincers sometimes called a constrictor. eventually it evolves into Kiosk Centiploid
  • Cycloid: A giant Cyclops with a huge hammer in his hand. Which acts Billy's Guardian Bakugan.
  • Darkon: Bakugan Black Darkon Robotallion Booster Pack
  • Dolia: Dolphin Creature, Fire Lava bathe
  • Dragonoid: Which is a huge Dragon-Like creature from Pyrus (Place attributed to fire in Vestroia - which is the home of all Bakugans)
  • El Condor: A Bakugan Battle Brawler that appears like a Totem Pole Shaman with an amazing ability to fly.
  • bakugan darkonExdera: The legendary Darkus Bakugan. Somewhat like an eight headed snake. The most powerful of all of the six soldiers.
  • Falconeer: A humanoid falcon Bakugan Battle Brawler
  • Faroh (Doro is one it is the fat absorbing blow one)
  • Fear Ripper: A Bakugan Battle Brawler with sharp claws used for slicing and chopping.
  • Fourtress:  A Bakugan with four faces and four arms. Each face changes with different abilities. Chan Lee's Guardian Bakugan
  • Frosch: The legendary Aqous Bakugan. Somewhat like a giant frog. The wisest and the most tactical of all of the six soldiers
  • Gargonoid: A humanoid Bakugan creature that has the face and wings of a dreaded gargoyle.
  • Gryffon or Griffon: A lion-like Bakugan Battle Brawler with wings and a snake like tail.
  • Gorem: A giant-like Bakugan Battle Brawler . Julie's guardian Bakugan evolves into Hammer Gorem
  • Hawklea
  • Harpus: A harpy bird Bakugan with large feathery wings attached to it's huge arms. A Harpie-girl like Bakugan Battle Brawler . Comba's Guardian Bakugan
  • Hyenoid: A Hyena with a more humanoid body, like a werewolf.
  • Hydranoid: A hydra-like Bakugan Battle Brawler . Masquerade's guardian Bakugan evolves into Duel Hydranoid evolves into Ultimate Hydranoid
  • Juggernaut/Juggernoid: A huge turtle-like Bakugan creature.
  • Killroy
  • Kiosk Centipoid: Evoved Centipoid
  • Laserman: A large Bakugan robot with two shoulder-mounted laser cannons.
  • Lars lion: The legendary Haos Bakugan. Somewhat like a angel warrior. The most moral of all of the six soldiers.
  • Limulus: A manta ray Bakugan fully surrounded in heavy battle armor.
  • Manion: A sphinx Bakugan with a female human head.
  • Mantris: An insect like Bakugan Battle Brawler with really sharp claws.
  • Medusar
  • Mermadon
  • Monarus: A butterfly-like Bakugan Battle Brawler.
  • Motra
  • Naga: Wayvern's evil twin brother. He posses the silent core and only craves power.The complete opposite of Wayvern. He is one of the White Ones
  • Nanta
  • Oberus: The legendary Ventus Bakugan.Somewhat like a giant moth/butterfly. The most compassionate of the six soldiers.
  • Preyas: A Bakugan Battle Brawler  able to change its attribute. Marucho's guardian Bakugan. Many thought since he can change attribues like a chameleon can change colour that he is a chameleon evolves into Jet Preyas.
  • Rattleoid: A Bakugan Battle Brawler that looks like Serpenoid, except with a rattle on it's tail.
  • Ravenoid/Falconeer #2: A raven-like Bakugan Battle Brawler with armor on its body.
  • Reaper: A Bakugan Battle Brawler with a skeleton body and a reaper scythe. Used to be Masquerade's Bakugan Battle Brawler but was replaced by Hydranoid.
  • Robotallian: A robot-looking Bakugan Battle Brawler
  • Saurus: A human-like triceratops.
  • Serpenoid: A snake-like Bakugan Battle Brawler with deadly fangs.
  • Siege: A warrior looking Bakugan Battle Brawler with a long sphere.
  • Skyress: A phoenix Bakugan. Shun's guardian Bakugan---> evolves int
  • Spiritroid (New series features ghost Bakugan) Storm Skyress.
  • Stinglash: A scorpion like Bakugan Battle Brawler with a stinger.
  • Seranoid: A mermaid Bakugan Battle Brawler with a harp. Rises out of Gate Cards. Klause's Guardian Bakugan.
  • Squia
  • Tarblando
  • Tarkan
  • Tentaclear: A Bakugan Battle Brawler with one eye and six tentacles. Julio's Guardian Bakugan.
  • Tigrerra  : A tiger like Bakugan. Runo's guardian Bakugan Battle Brawler evolves into Blade Tigrerra
  • Triacosauras (Evoved Saurus)
  • Tuskor: An elephant Bakugan Battle Brawler with large tusks
  • Terrorclaw: A crab Bakugan
  • Vammra
  • Volta
  • Wayvern: The infinity Bakugan (contains the infinity core). Joe's guardian Bakugan. Naga's good twin sister. The complete opposite of Naga. But during battle she is considered haos. She secretly has a crush on Dan's Dragonoid.
  • Warrius: A warrior Bakugan Battle Brawler with a mace
  • Wormquake: A large worm with a giant, gaping mouth full of razor-sharp teeth

Andy's Bakugan toys pages specializes in bringing you the latest information on Bakugans.  If you are looking for Bakugan balls or Bakugan Games you are surfing in the right place.  By the way have you seen the new Translucent Bakugan toys?

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