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Bakugan Books and Bakugan Coloring Books!

Probably one of the hardest things to find at this time is the Bakugan books and official Bakugan rule books.  More Bakugan books continue to come out on the market every day. has just recently added the new Bakugan Rule Book.  There is a ton of new pre-release Bakugan books coming out but not much available on the market at this time.  We will keep searching for the latest Bakugan Books around and we will update this page when they become available.  I am not exactly sure which books are official licensed products however some of them look pretty good.  I have organized this section of to allow you to find the Bakugan Books that you are looking for.  At this time there are several sections to this page. 

  1. Bakugan Rule Books and Handbooks
  2. Bakugan Chapter Books
  3. Bakugan Coloring, Sketch and Drawing Books
  4. Bakugan Book Auctions
  5. Pre-Order Bakugan Books

Bakugan Rule Book and Handbook

Bakugan Rule Book Regles Du JeuBakugan Rule Book

Are you try to learn how to play Bakugan?  Hey we just found out there is a new Bakugan Rule Book.  Do you know anyone that has this book.  I want to find out how they liked the new Bakugan Rule book.  Get your very own Bakugan Rule Book today.  

Another way to learn how to play Bakugan is by downloading a mini version of the Bakugan Rules for free.  Click here for your free version of the Bakugan rules page.


Bakugan Official Handbook

Coming Soon!

Bakugan Official Handbook

Bakugan Chapter Books

Bakugan Chapter Book: The Battle Begins

Now you can buy the book Bakugan Battle Brawlers: The Battle Begins! get your copy of this Bakugan book today.  The popular Bakugan TV show/battle game now comes to print from Random House publishing and of course the Cartoon Network.

The Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Dan, Runo, Marucho, Julie, Shun, and Alice take on a battle far bigger than they can posssibly imagine. With the every falling Bakugan card, and new discovery that the throwing down of the cards unleashes a violent Bakugan battle in two and sometime three dimensions, a new game, Bakugan is created. Little do our heros know that more than a `Bakugan game' is being played, and the appearance of their Bakugan unleashes forces in the world of Vestroia, which is an alternate dimension. In Vestoria, a power struggle between the six elements, Aquos, Subterra, Haos, Ventus, Pyrus, and Darkus rages. At the beginning the opening of a newportal during a Bakugan match on earth between Shuji and Dan corresponds to the escape of Naaga and a fate he unfortunately cannot escape.

With Bakugan images taken from the Nelvana production, Bakugan Battle Brawlers is a great introduction to the world of Bakugan. The images are well chosen, and the resulting Bakugan book is easy to follow and understand. For those of you who have watched bits and pieces of Bakugan episodes, never really understanding exactly what the Bakugan show was about. With this `Bakugan Begins' episode book, you will know more. For the rabid Bakugan fan in your family, Let the battle begin is a great choice.  Shop for Bakugan Battle Brawlers: The Battle Begins! Book


Bakugan Book the Battle Begins

Bakugan Chapter Book is on its way!

The new Bakugan Chapter book is on its way!  It is currently available through pre-order and should ship January 1, 2009. Pre-order your Bakugan Chapter book today!

Bakugan Battle Brawlers Chapter Book with Special Character Guide

Bakugan Coloring and Drawing Books

Bakugan Sketch Book Create and Trace

Bakugan Brawlers a lot of brand new books.  They would make a great Christmas gift this year!  The brand new "Bakugan Battle Brawlers Create & Trace" sketch Book: All you need is this Bakugan Sketch book and a pencil to create pictures of your own Bakugan Battle Brawler scenes. 

Bakugan Create and Trace Book

Coming Soon! New Bakugan Books to Pre-Order

 How To Draw (Bakugan)  Sticker Book (Bakugan)

Bakugan Books Auctions


Do you have a little Bakugan Fan who would love to just destroy some free Bakugan coloring pages.  Well you are in luck we just posted some free Bakugan coloring pages.  Get yours today. is designed and hosted by Simplified Internet Design
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