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Bakugan Battle Packs

Bakugan Bakumat Battle Pack 6 Bakugan 12 CardsBakumat Battle Pack

Have you seen the new Bakumat Battle Pack?  If ships with a Bakumat which is perfect for staging all of your Bakugan battles and it comes with 6 Bakugan Battle Brawlers and 12 Bakugan cards!   Shop for Bakumat Battle Packs!

Bakugan Battle PackBakugan Battle Pack: If you are just getting starter in Bakugan there might be no better way to start than with a Bakugan Battle Pack.  The Battle Pack includes: 

  • 2 character cards
  • 3 normal cards
  • 6 Bakugan marble/action figures
  • 2 command cards
  • one special ability card

Get your very own Bakugan Battle Pack today.   Make sure you check out our Bakugan Battlepack Auctions as well, you will find some great deals.

Bakugan Battlepacks

bakugan battle pack

 Bakugan Starter Pack Black

Bakugan Battlepack Auctions


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