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Single Metal Gate Cards

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Checkout the huge selection of Bakugan Battle Brawlers single cards also know as character cards. Are looking for the particular character card that has been hard to find.  Do you need a Fear Ripper or Dragonoid Metal Gate card?  What about a Mantris or Tigrerra card. 

Entire Collection of Bakugan Metal Gate Cards:  I have only listed a small smattering of the available Bakugan Metal Gate Cards.  Make sure you check out the entire collection of loose or single Bakugan Metal Gate cards that are available.  Shop for Metal Gate Cards

Bakugan Special Ability Card Auctions:  Also make sure you check out our Bakugan Metal Gate  card auctions.  You are sure to find some great deals on Bakugan Metal Gate cards here.    Battle On!

Four versions of Bakugan Metal Gate Cards:  There are several varieties of Bakugan Metal Gate cards.  They include the Gold Metal Gate Cards as well as Silver Metal Gate Cards and don't forget the Bronze Metal Gate Cards and the Classic Silver Metal Gate Cards. 

Bakugan Battle Brawler - Metal Gate Cards

Bakugan Fear Ripper Metal Gate Card      Bakugan Loose Character Card Dragonoid
 Bakugan Battle Brawlers Single LOOSE Character Card - Fear Ripper Bakugan Battle Brawlers Single LOOSE Character Card - DRAGONOID

Bakugan Mantris Metal Gate Card

Bakugan Metal Gate Card Tigrerra

 Bakugan Card: Mantris

 Bakugan Battle Brawlers Card Tigrerra

Bakugan Metal Gate Booster Packs

Bakugan Metal Gate Card Auctions

Bakugan Peacemaker CardMore news about Bakugan Battle Brawlers:
Bakugan Battle Brawlers made it into the Top 10 toy brands. Introduced in Canada in August, 2007, to coincide with the launch of the Bakugan TV show, Bakugan Battle Brawler soared to Canada's second best selling boys toy brand, behind Transformers. Spin Master expected a hit, but it didn't count on having to airfreight product from China -- or that the toys would sell out the same hour they arrived in stores. As Wal-Mart Canada spokesman Kevin Groh told Spin Master recently, "Bakugan Battle Brawler  products are a phenomenon. People are knocking down our doors to get them."


Bakugan Metal Gate Cards

Spin Master says Bakugan is now its biggest hit -- even though it won't reach U.S. stores until January. Working in an intensely competitive industry, most toy companies rush potential hits to market. As a private company without Wall Street analysts to placate, Spin Master took its time with Bakugan Battle Brawlers. Even bakugan battle brawlersthough the gameplay goes in different directions (the North American version allows for more random outcomes than the Asian version), Spin Master insisted that both versions remain similar enough to allow global Bakugan Battle Brawler tournaments. "We're investing for the long term," Davis says. "That's why we took so long to make sure it was right."  This year, Canadians can choose from 288 different Bakugan figures. To keep the product fresh, SpinMaster will introduce new figures and retire older ones. Beyond the tournaments, Web site and TV show, the partnership is working on Bakugan video games. The Bakugan Web site will evolve into a full online community. The company also plans to offer "surprise" limited-edition figures -- one Bakugan Battle Brawler was recently resold on eBay for $325. When you have a hit, it seems anything is possible.


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