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Bakugan Wavern Legendary BakuswapBakugan Battle Brawlers Bakuswap - Legendary

The brand new Legendary Bakuswap Bakugan are now available and are part of the Legendary Army.  Questions on Bakuswap:  Does anyone know what Bakuswap actually means and how Bakuswap Bakugan are different that what has already been on the market?  If you have any good ideas let me know.  Answers on Bakuswap:  Ok so I got some great answers and opinions on the forum to what Bakuswap means.  First of all Gabriel says that they are the six soldiers of Series 3 Bakugan and Jeff said Bakuswap means a Bakugan with something like haos and subterra and they changed the name from dual attribute to Bakuswap so basically Bakuswap is new for dual attribute Bakugan.  I think the official answer is that Bakuswap can be dual attribute Bakugan.  However not all Bakuswap are dual attribute.  Does that make sense?

New Legendary Bakugan Introduced with Bakuswap

Make sure you check out the Legendary Bakuswap Auctions that we are featuring below.  The best part about the new Bakuswap is the fact that they introduce a lot of new Bakugan into the mix.  Bakuswap features the following new Bakugan Apollinir, Clayf, Exedra, El Condor, Fortress, Frosch, Lars Lion, Wavern and really cool Oberus. Shop for Bakuswap today.   

Legendary Bakuswap Pictures

Bakuswap Frosch Legendary

Bakuswap Clayf Legendary

Bakuswap Frosch Bakuswap Clayf

Bakuswap Oberus Legendary

Bakuswap Tuskor Legendary

Bakuswap Oberus Bakuswap Tuskor
Bakugswap Exedra Bakugan Wavern
Bakuswap Exedra Bakuswap Wavern

Legendary Bakugan Bakuswap Auctions


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