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Phosphos Weapon Systems - Bakugan Battle GearBAKUGAN SEASON 3 GUNDALIAN INVADERS WEAPON PACK or TRAP or Battle Gear

What do the names Rock Hammer, Vilantor Gear, Twin Destructor, Airkor, and Battle Turbine or Jetkor Red Gun or Duo Knife have in common?  They are all part of the new Bakugan Battle Gear.  New this year for Season 3 is the Bakuguan Weapon Pack or Battle Gear.  The Weapon pack snaps open just like a Bakugan and magnetically snanps onto the back of the new season 3 Bakugan.    This is the BAKUGAN SEASON 3 GUNDALIAN INVADERS 80G WEAPON PACK - Battle Gear! As part of the Bakugan release for 2010, those crazy designers as Spin Master have introduced the new universal weapons system - battle gear, certain Bakugan will have two tabs and a magnet in their back when open. These allow "Weapon Traps" to attach and open. 
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 Bakugan Battler Gear Boomix

 Bakugan Battler Gear Zukanator

Airkor Battle Gear

Battle Turbine

Bakugan Battle Turbine

Duo Knife Battle Gear

Bakugan Battle Gear - Duo Knife

Jetkor Battle Gear

Red Gun Battle Gear

Rock Hammer Battle Gear

Bakugan Battle Gear Gundalian Rock Hammer

Twin Destructor

Bakugan Weapons Systems

Jetkor Battle Gear: Hey last summer we went to the see the airshow.  I love jets so what could be better than adding Jetkor battle gear to your Bakugan collection.

Jetkor Bakugan Battle Gear Jetkor Bakugan Battle Gear


Bakugan Weapon Addon

Bakugan Battle Weapon Add on

Bakugan Weapons Systems - Battle Gear 

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