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Bakubronze Bakugan

Well they did it.  They completely confused me and I am thinking of throwing in the towel.  Some of the Bakugan which are part of the Bakuneon family are now part of the Bakubronze sub-set.  Are you all keeping track of this?  It is hard to believe the amount and number of product that Spinmasters keeps generating.  Are we on the verge of a Bakugan bubble? Shop for Bakubronze now!

So far the members of Bakubronze are Leeframe, Klawger, and Vulcan.

Bakubronze Auctions


Bakubronze Members

Bronze Bakugan Dragonoid Bronze Bakugan Nemus
Bronze Dragaonoid Bronze Nemus
Leefram Klawger
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